garden permaculture

garden permaculture
How much space for a dog? Type of grass?

I’m going to permaculture my yard, leaving virtually no lawn. However I do want a dog so I want to set aside a fenced area where it can run and do it’s thing without affecting the rest of the garden. How much area would a dog like a rottweiler, lab or retriever need? What’s the best lawn cover (grass or other) to prevent lawn burn and provide maximum benefit for my dog?

you could give it a corridor like a double fence along side the perimeter ,this will give the dog a lot of distance to run and be a good guard at the same time ,with a dog house at the end ,one end ending up by the house ,the dog will be very happy.
,So that means a very long narrow kennel,
if it is 8 square meters is not even that much for a big dog

the best grass is Kentucky bluegrass or Kikuyu .

if you go into Environment ,or here;_ylt=AhYBPfXXi5ETOOw1IAcx3fHty6IX?link=starred&more=y;_ylt=Air7R3XrM06xhiuR4g4Vj9kjzKIX?p=permaculture&cp=1&tp=3&tnu=24

are a lot of permaculture answers in general ,that may interest you

A Fukuoka Inspired Permaculture Garden Pt3

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