greenhouse permaculture

greenhouse permaculture
Permaculture: If the earth cools over the next twenty years of 3 degrees, What greenhouse size is ..?

…. be required to produce enough food for 2 people?

then get a tunnel or to a sphere bio you can even live part of it if you do internal landscaping as high as possible so that you can adapt some trees in the middle (highest part), you can organize the job compost, so it produces additional heat, but need some animals to produce material to feed. that even animals of the barn inside, produce heat, Friesland and Groningen in the coldest regions of the Netherlands old farms had their living quarters above the stables for cows and horses, they produce much heat. But it is also a bit smelly. A tunnel would be very good size of 50 meters, but you can do in many small You will need light to trick the plants that the days are longer and you get a lot more growth, although the taste reduced also get on the ball about guilds and biodiversity so that you can compact the vegetation, as much as possible Already, you can produce a lot of things in say 10 square meters, but much will be left out of course there will be much plants that can go outside. But this moment is the rising temperatures that we face. this, you can also against the act, creating niches of trees enclosed with shrubs, and open space in the middle, you will need at least 40m odd meters squares to allow this space, you can also build niches for cold; _ylt = ArKioxqRfvEve1doP8FK0Vrsy6IX; _ylv = 3? qid = 20070829183957AAyJi2z more answers on this issue in Permaculture; _ylt = ApERENcfEbE_qK_4N_5WQajsy6IX; _ylv = 3? qid = 20070815183923AA8E0NK

Wiggi’s Greenhouse

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