hydroponics growing tomatoes

hydroponics growing tomatoes

Systems hydroponic growing now available on the market include a variety of options for growing plants without soil. However, the decision on the type of media to use, for example, wholly owned by the beneficiary. Be open to different elements to complement a standard hydroponics system or even improve it. The culture system may be changed at the end of the growth process: For example, if you're cultivating tomatoes, you may perform all the adjustment you want once you harvest. Let's have a look of how you can improve the hydroponics growing system you use.

Choosing the right medium for your plants

Consider the example the use of insulation material called Rockwool as a medium in the hydroponic growing system. On a regular basis Rockwool is used successfully for irrigation drip, and when you need to start seedlings and clones. The plant grows primarily in the starter, then you move it in a larger container, it is usually a 3 "or 4" cube that can be placed on certain Rockwool slabs to stimulate root growth thereafter. Instead you Rockwool may very well use net pots filled with clay aggregate. This means used in hydroponic systems, strongly supports the roots of your plants.

Another support for exceptional performance in hydroponics increasing the system consists of coconut fibers. The producer is Grow Room and recommend a balanced mix of expanded clay and inert fibers of this type to ensure that everything goes well with your culture. Sometimes, you may be tricked into buying mids really cheap and in these cases, you run the risk of excessive concentration of sodium in the composition.


A widely used medium in systems hydroponic growing that LECA stands for Light expanded clay Aggregate. It can be combined with any type of system, since the natural clay, burned at 1200 degrees Celsius, provides a neutral and balanced. The advantage plants with sufficient moisture, food and oxygen.

Overall, Leca is also used by amateurs professionals and given the fact that it also offers excellent conditions for plants to grow unhindered. The prices may seem higher in the case of other products, but it is a minimal financial outlay when compared to the benefits.

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