hydroponics organic

hydroponics organic

The use of nutrients organic vegetable instead of man made chemicals in the hydroponic garden makes the job of a gardener. The issue is that the absence synthetic chemicals eliminates the problem of the amount ppm and the pH balance of water. If there is no need to calibrate the elements nutrients, to check the pH level of water and calculate the amount of fertilizer, a novice hydroponic gardening is certainly not deceive us, which means that many problems may never occur.

A double root system growth is made by the particular composition of the medium in the container: upper medium is soil or soil substitute, and organic nutrients may be provided directly to the top, the bottom half the medium is a porous material, which retains water, but for which no nutrients are provided.

Creating a system hydroponic organic gardener in May use a standard hydroponic growth container, if a container of coconut fiber will also be the same. The material of choice for putting down the box is formed of lava rocks, which retains water very well. Lava rock is then covered with a thin layer of rock wool in bulk or coir to divide the two layers medium and prevent them from mixing together. The upper half of the tank must be filled with a mixture of 1 / 3 compost, 1 / 3 coarse perlite Note horticulture, and 1 / 3 of large horticultural vermiculite. Such an arrangement allows the capillary action above the water and protects the bottom of the bed growth from the casual mixing with all the organic particles.

Using a standard plastic hydroponics Grow a container should put a plastic screen inside lining Grow The bed, which fits nicely on the bottom and sides of the container until its summit, also in order to protect the water of small particles in the mixture in the medium term. It is also possible use hydroponic container with tiny holes.

One more good choice for use of title = "organic gardening"> gardening methods biological system is hydroponic containers coir. The filling is the same as that described above with the thin layer of coir in bulk or fiber Strand between the two types of media.

This box is then defined growing bed. Note that the level of water should be pumped a little more below the soil mix. The secondary root system is submerged in water with lava stone and promote the flow of capillary water up in the soil. The lower half of the medium may be watered on a regular hydroponics, while the upper part can be wetted only once a day.

This system enables a gardener to provide nutrients to the right upper middle, where they are vitally important. At the same time, the support structure all will be wet by water pumped and plants will also supply ongoing oxygen and CO2, established their root system. Finally, good amount of CO2 will enhance the absorption of nutrients by the upper roots.

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