hydroponics soils

hydroponics soils

Soil less mixes

There are plenty of less available soil mixtures, which contain different ingredients. Sphagnum moss, perlite and vermiculite are the most widespread of hydroponic components used in these mixtures.

Being organic soil less culture media are generally used for container gardening systems or wick systems drip recovery. It is also possible to use the soil mixtures least in the recovery systems, however, it is necessary to recall that because of very fine particles in such mixtures, they can clog pipes, pumps and drip when used without a good filtration system. Moreover, by urban gardeners, we can use panty hose as a filter: just adapt to the return duct and the suction pump, and all the tiny particles will be filtered.

Most soil less mixtures form a growth medium is good for multiple organic hydroponic "> hydroponic and organic gardens, because they may contain water well, have a great influence in league, and at the same time, they provide a reasonable amount of air to the roots of growing plants.


Fiber Coconut

The popularity of coir as a culture medium increases rapidly around the world. Be the first media totally organic farming, providing higher performance for systems hydroponic coir may soon become the most popular growing medium ever. It is interesting to note that the coir is, in fact, a waste product, which contains the shells of coconut powder.

Compared with rock wool, fiber coconut is characterized by a higher capacity of oxygen and retention water. These characteristics are important advantages to hydroponic systems with cycles of intermittent watering.

Fiber Coconut contains a lot of roots stimulating hormones, thus providing some protection against infestation by fungi and other root diseases. The mixture of fiber Coconut 50% and 50% expanded clay balls is considered the perfect growing environment.

However, it is necessary to emphasize a precautionary principle on the purchase of coir. Avoid buying a fiber coconut lower quality, which is grain very thin and contains high levels of sea salts. The coconut fibers have a negative and disappointing target = "_self" title = "Supplies hydroponics hydroponic system "> hydroponic system.

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Building a simple hydroponic system

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