organic farming videos

organic farming videos

If you're one of the 81% of farmers still farming conventionally and using chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, it is entirely understandable.


For decades this has been advocated the farmer by the industry.

There is so much "evidence" – research, trial work, field trials, scientists extolling the merits of conventional agriculture and you're constantly proved that you can not farm without these profitable trading AIDS.

Just pick the most agricultural journals and documents and you will find reports and editorials that highlight continuous use of conventional products and practices that the only viable way to farm. Sometimes there are reports tossed in discredit natural farming as unrealistic and uncommercial. We have said repeatedly that the conventional industrial agriculture is the only means that we can feed the world population growing. Organic farming has lower yields, is more expensive and there is no nutritional benefit extra food produced.

In Farming Secrets we fully understand the disbelief that you may have that you can free agricultural products chemical fertilizers and synthetic and natural farming is not viable.

This is not your fault. It is very difficult to renounce the trust you have had or have ever had in the conventional system and no doubt you have much support in monitoring the system.

However, there is a better way for agriculture healthier and more profitable. "Farming Secrets Club" members are encouraged to:

  • Trust your eyes. See for yourself.

  • Confidence that other farmers who have contributed to a change made.

  • Minutes you some aspects.

Listen to the new breed of professionals who attended the fantastic turn around farmers have obtained and achievements. There is a better way to farm and you can see the demo for yourself every month that we carry in our "Walk the Talk" Video of these farmers. Also you can view the results for yourself in the library of the Agriculture Secrets DVD and CD. Hear experts as

  • Dr. Elaine Ingham

  • Dr Maarten Stapper

  • Dr Arden Andersen

  • Jerry Brunetti

They are not theorists pseudo farm. They are all scientists who have studied the conventional system and were challenged to look further. They understand the importance of allowing and helping nature to ensure a healthy balance and now work with real, small farmers and old to be outstanding, profitability follows naturally.

Tell me what do you prefer? Spend hours and hours, dollars after dollars, year after year, spraying, watering and use of deadly toxins that continue to price? If it is horribly expensive and time consuming and worst of all bad for you, your precious soil and animal health.

Or you choose to take the time to understand once and for all how to reduce or, better yet, never have to use what is called product essential chemicals and synthetic fertilizer again?

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Helen M. Disler
Farming Secrets

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comOrganic Farming versus Conventional Farming System

Organic Farming Video, Australia, How to – Broadacre

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