organic farming

organic farming

Agriculture in the former mode is also known as organic farming not, was to use various chemicals and pesticides to fight against the various pest infestations and to produce better crops.

The objective of organic agriculture is to produce livestock and crops by making use of economic, environmental and human systems that are naturally available to its maximum level. For organic agriculture to function, we need two things. One is the presence of a land is very fertile and will help the healthy growth of various crops. The second factor is the availability of people who work on land that has been chosen.

The following are the main factors to consider if you choose to go ahead with the concept of organic farming:

1. The land was selected for organic farming should contain soil which can be used for long periods of time without the use of artificial fertilizers which are normally used in non organic farming.
2. The crops that are produced by organic farming must be the subject of care in a very prudent in avoiding the use pesticides and herbicides.
3. The residue of organic matter and the animals must be recycled so that they can be used as manure for crops through organic farming.
4. The growth of weeds and insect infestation must be given adequately controlled using the technique of crop rotation in organic farming. This suggests avoiding the use of scientific methods which are usually employed in non-organic agriculture.
5. Do not opt for the use of genetic Engineering method for growing animals on the organic farming method.
Finally, the various effects of agriculture will have on the biological environment must be evaluated carefully.

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Organic Farming: Can It Feed Us (Part 1)

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