permaculture farm design

permaculture farm design
Everyone Needs to Understand What Permaculture is and Why It Is Important. Do You?

The Video Below is 1 of 5 of a great educational series by Thaddeus Owen.  Thaddeus is a trainer and educator for Permaculture Design.  If you want to know the broad spectrum of why Permaculture is important, then this series is for you!

In this Video Series, Thaddeus discusses the all of the basics of the Permaculture, and the vision for transforming a consumer based society into one that where everyone contributes to the production of some of their own needs.

The Video Series explains the permaculture history, global grassroots movement, ethics,  and even local community contributions that are taking place right now.

Long term sustainable farming is discussed on both a agricultural and household scale with real world examples of permaculture design principles found in the Midwest.

Perennial crops are the backbone of permaculture systems and are shown as energy sources for bio-fuel production.

A new concept of Financial Permaculture is the bringing together of natural systems thinkers with money systems thinkers working together and is explained along with an example of how it would be applied.

Permaculture – Thaddeus Owen – 1 of 5

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