permaculture farms

permaculture farms
Should Permaculture Farmer / Small farmers be given the same subsidies and grants that other farmers?

Farmers receive Grants and subsidies for food production, but I also understand that they get grants for planting hedges, wood and articles leaving wild areas. If Permaculture Farms and small farmers be given exactly the same subsidies and grants that we are protecting the habitat soil reinforcement, planting of woods and hedges, etc.?

I am a permaculture farmer, USA (I assume you're in the UK for you have used the word "small") were over 20 years. My answer may surprise you. No, I do not think that permaculture farmers in the United States should receive government subsidies. Of course, I do not think that farmer FIRMLY ALL should receive government subsidies. Grants …. Yes, the small farmer or a permaculture farmer should be able to receive grants. In 20 years time, it was not a single grant (or loan agriculture!) What I have described. I am a very good writer, and know how to build a subsidy simply exceptional. I have impeccable records on my farm over the years (which show how it's grown ever year alone). I am able to show how I made the goals and plans and have met or exceeded over the years. However, as a small farmer subsidies can I get if I were willing to become certified (by the government) as an organic farm. But to be completely unwilling to fork over even more of my money to line the pockets of government there are none that I can grant benefit of. Frankly, I am tired of him! About to beat my head against everybody throws a brick wall up if you want to do something "weird" or "off beat". Half of them think your a weirdo "hippie" (even if you show up in a business suit) because you want to make things clean, natural channels, or they think you're an idiot "wannabe" farmer because you want to do something crazy, like raising goats for meat. Since goats are not a major three (beef, pork, chicken) you are doomed to failure …. Of course my business grows every year, yes, it's terribly frustrating to try to get a farm loan and be denied …. If you can demonstrate your growing business by 50% (!!!!!) for six years and make a profit. Then, namely dairy farm on the road only makes it because of Government subsidies, pollutes horendously get a loan without problem. Grrrrr ~ ~ As permaculture farmer I decided that I no longer care subsidies, grants or loans. I am making it without them. What I want to STOP and STOP NOW serriously laws are unfair, as the NAI. Do not give the boys a big advantage over small farmers do not … Laws for Business Agra on small farmers. ~ Garnet Permaculture Homesteading / Farming over 20 years

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