permaculture garden plans

permaculture garden plans

Cooperation and sustainable development are two philosophies that complement each other, allowing decisions to be taken by a diverse group with many ideas, while dealing with social, economic, and environmental livelihoods. OUR Ecovillage is an intentional community prosperous in the Cowichan Valley, and an example of the intertwining of these two philosophies with an emphasis on environmental aspects of development sustainable.

    The Global Ecovillage Ecovillage Network describes as a â € œurban or rural communities of people who strive integrate a social environment conducive to a low-impact way of LIFE.IT € That's the idea that Brandy MacPherson and others had in mind during the 1990s as they began the work of the foundation of ecovillage. after much thought and conversation Victoria House for their co-op on a small community of the agricultural environment, they decided to walk their talk. The launch of our (One United Resource) Ecovillage occurred in 1999 when they bought twenty-five acres of land in the Cowichan Valley.Â

    The first year been devoted to learning about the earth before the change it. Extensive testing of soil has been done to find the best places to agriculture Biological and mapping of species, what kind of wildlife lived where's the wind and sun were monitored in order to locate and faces of buildings in the best directions.Â

Part of being a cooperative project involving the acquisition everyones € ™ s point of view as seriously as others. Rather than simply escaping the desert and do their thing without having to deal with regulators and plan for the local community, they chose to work very closely with District. the Cowichan Valley Regional

In May 2003, we built a â € € œclimate change building, also known as the Sanctuary of Healing, as an example of how cooperation and sustainability Environmental together. can work in creating the construction of a â € € œcommunity visioning process was held to involve a plurality of € stakeholders.â neighbors have been consulted and the municipality has participated in every step of the road. Building materials have even been given a range of companies.

The Ecovillage is financially supported many places, but Van City Credit Union is one of their main backers, with a prize of $ 35,000 will change the climate for building solar, bio-diesel, the stormwater collection systems and radiant heating.

    One of the most striking aspects of the Ecovillage Cowichan is how it looks like a traditional farm Yet it is a concrete alternative to industrialized agriculture. They teach courses permaculture, involving and educating the community and Those interested in ways to grow food sustainably. Gardening at OUR Ecovillage is taken very seriously, no pesticides are used, and their goal is to be self-sufficient, not eat what they produce on the property. The Ecovillage also consults with local groups of First local nations to discover valuable information on seasons, flora and fauna.Â

    The decisions taken at OUR Ecovillage are taken by consensus among the team œcreation â €, â € with anyone having veto rights over another person € ™ s opinion. The team functions to create a board of directors. Along the lines of the model of co-op, the capital of limited value, no shareholder Control process. Currently, the land is privately owned with the non-profit arm of our Community Association taking on the lease for dollar per year. Recently, the creative team has been planning how the new ownership group – people who move permanently in the Ecovillage – manage, they are developing financial, property and options for governance of the project (FOG).      Â

In the next three-year plan, emphasis will be placed on the housing development that is innovative, environmentally oriented and low-income seniors and assisted living. Through the FOG project, many different options for how the new homes and all Ecovillage will be managed and owned were presented and considered. Since our SocietyA € ™ s legal and financial systems support to individual ownership and land use, there are major difficulties to overcome an ecovillage case deciding on which model basic FOG. They have since decided on the cooperative model and created our earth and Housing Co-operative. It is still under development, but the framework is now being finalized.Â
The vision behind our Ecovillage is a sustainable way of living socially, economically, and co-operative environmentally. Using models of planning and development and soon A co-operative model of ownership and governance, community and the environment can have a very clear within the co-operative framework.Â


To see more of life ecovillage, Ecovillage to visit our

About the Author:

Rob Raynor is a Co-operative History Student who wrote this article in appreciation of OUR Ecovillage. Visit the site at OUR Ecovillage

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comOUR Ecovillage – A New Model of Co-operation

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