permaculture greenhouses save the world

permaculture greenhouse

HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD: Build A Greenhouse and a Chicken Coop…

Learn Everything You Can About Organics, Permaculture Design, and Becoming Self-Sustaining.

Our current Global crisis will not be solved by the same mindset and thinking that created them. You need a new way of thinking, new skills, and new knowledge to create more sustainable living…. and make the world a better place for the next generations.

Permaculture is an awesome way to accomplish this. Permaculture is a design methodology that uses natural cycles designed into living spaces, so human needs are satisfied, but just as important, nature also thrives. Using Permaculture Design, even desert land can be transformed into forests, lush gardens, and healthy living enviorments. It can help solve all the problems with food production, fuel production, building supplies, and reverse pollution damage in the world.

Generate Your Own Food and Feed a Village Too:

If  there is a catastrophy that shuts down the world as we know it today, will you survive? You will need to be self-sufficiant and know how to live without power, a water supply, fuel, and Food. Surviving in those times does not need to be difficult, something as simple as building a small shelture, a simple greenhouse and chicken coop can do allot for your family and your neighbors too. You will be able to produce most of your food, have an alternative shelter, and as long as there is rain and sunshine, you’ll survive. You can even raise crops like sugar beets, or corn, build a still, and create fuel that will work in vehicles. So, start now, learn how to do these simple things. A quick search of the internet can get you everything you need to start.  Teach your family, teach your neighbors, teach your community.

Start a Grassroots Network of Self-Sustaining-Like-Minded People

You don’t have to do it alone, start a local grassroots network of like minded people. Have people with differerent skills and knowledge teach everyone what they know.  Then, when and if there is a disaster, you will be prepared and with people you trust. So start a grassroots organization for learning and sharing self-sustaining, permaculture educated, techniques. Join together with like minded people, work together as a team, and you can be prepared for anything.

In time, as you actions grow, and the skills and knowledge spread, you will start changing the world and creating a better place, a better planet to live in. Now go out and save the world.

Steve C.

Build a Green House for Under $25

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