permaculture planting

permaculture planting
If permaculture around the world is so successful and extremely sustainable , then why are heads in the sand?

Look at Geoff Lawton who has grow food near the Dead Sea, where people there can’t and is bringing back forrests. A garden fixes all problems of the world. The media must get attached to permaculture or there will be no oil left in our growing global world to build a sustainable world with. Cuba has done a great job with permaculture. They have health care, eat organic, aren’t over weight all this with little oil. We better wise up and start planting food, not like the Los Angeles urbine farm that was bulldosed over for a Walmart warehouse. We are going to be in big trouble because of greed, politicians having no clue how to fix anything and the people getting worried. Wake up society and jump on our permaculture band wagon. You’ll love the fact that you have more food to give, a better reason to live, a healthier life ,the lakes, streams, oceans can clear up and there will be know reason to fight an on going war for oil that’s killing thousands of people for power of control.

The answer is that most people are happy just buying food from a supermarket and not caring where it comes from. They will begin to care when the collective sh’ite hits the fan. About 10 years ago when I was treeplanting in northern BC Canada there was a transportation strike and suddenly within a couple of days all the supermarkets were emptied. The reality is that most supermarkets only stock about 3 days of food, if there is another transportation problem then reality will force people to analyze the issue at hand and things like permaculture will begin to make sense for the common people.

greenfriendstree Planting & Permaculture Project

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