permaculture plants

permaculture plants
Corporations are desirable plant use in a permaculture style garden?

Is it possible to design a garden using permaculture plant guilds? How the size of the plot to influence the decision? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

PERMACULTURE Answer Yes it is an online guide to biodiversity planting gardens Permaculture should be collections of guilds in niches. No fewer than 8 or more plants planted with the same period in mind, large trees as coconut and mango. guanñabana or papapya below them (depending on the species of papapya, Maradol papapya is a pygmy, and has a lower level), banana to follow the vine on the coconut and mango, as vanilla, sugar is below that, maybe a few lines of maize (about half the corn in the shade) or rings with fruit Then things half a meter. Pinecone articoke or pumpkins or other cover crops on soil low Some herbs and root crops like carrots, depending on climate Every place has its own species, it is just an example tropical All resulting in a pyramid crude plant. There are no disadvantages, the soil is found in good health and there are some pests. The only possible drawback is the small quantities of produce, but a great diversity make the idea not so comercial ———- ————————— —————————————- – The indigenous peoples of Mexico Plant Oaxaca within consec which is a traditional style, first, they agave (tequila cactus), in line with maize which is planted singular instead of the usual 3 seeds from a hole between the two. and the rod is stronger when the corn has reached a certain height, they followed with a small bean climbing that uses the stem of maize and pumpkins and herbs are planted as ground cover, which will not mature until well after, first the beans, then maize was harvested ——————– ————————- ————————- ———— Guilds are models of fusion compatibility with the concept of companion planting Thus biodiversity is the overall concept is simplified companion planting (plants that are physically and chemically compateble,) and guilds is how we end up with stylized group to act as a guideline for farmers. composed of plants generally permanent or trees to provide shelter from the wind (vertical coverage) to act as niches or in the shadow of the sun (high crowns) or structure (poles) as mixed with seasonal vegetables or plants other utilities. ————————————————- — ————————— you can do a hell of a lot less than a half-acre minimum size is a circle with a diameter of 30 meters. NICHES ideal because you want to party like trees to provide a cover that locks in moisture and provide shade and cool Ness to part the garden. The perimeter should be a wall of any kind such as bamboo or shrubs to have a niche and continue to block moisture and temperature. niche garden tightly can differ by as much as ten degrees with the outside in both directions my garden in Mexico is ten degrees below the road, but in cold areas it may be ten degrees warmer. make all the difference between life and death in places that may be by such as overnight frost if you plant trees in a circle, their crowns may be the shadow of 8 meters on each side. Thus, to stay with a sunny spot in the middle (for vegetables that need light) trees must be about 30 meters. but you can be less if you made a half-moon garden.

Permaculture Plants – Pt1

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