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Yes, You Can Use Rainwater To Water Your Permaculture Garden…. and more….

Whether you just want to save on your water bill, have a low producing well, or live in a drought stricken area, collecting rainwater for use is something anyone can do. In many cities around the world, there are times when water shortages create water rationing conditions. Well one answer to the lack of water is “Rainwater Tanks”.

Rainwater tanks are a great way to collect water and use it to keep your garden and lawn lush, green, and beautiful even during water shortages. The key is to have enough the right systems and enough tanks to get you through the dry spells. There are tanks in a wide range of shapes and capacities and can easily be tucked out of the way and painted to blend in. You can even keep them behind plants. Some can even be used as fencing or wall panels.

Using rainwater for the gardens is a smart and good for the environment and you don’t have to treat the water or anything to use it on your garden. You can use it on your vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, and lawns. In fact it can even be better for your garden than tap water because of the chemicals used to treat it to make it drinkable. Those chemicals are not good for your plants.

Using rainwater will can save you significantly on your water bill if you live in the city. Some cities might even have a special subsidy for using rainwater. Check with your local area for subsidies in your area.

You can even collect rainwater for use in your household. With just a simple hookup by your plumber and you can use rainwater to wash clothes, in your dishwasher, or in the toilet. If you install the correct filter system you can even drink your collected rainwater, Now you are really saving a bundle in water bills.

Rainwater tanks are available almost everywhere. Just search the internet and you will find a great variety.

Steve C.

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