permaculture sustainability

permaculture sustainability
environmentally speaking, why are some places GREENER than others?

why are some geographical areas seemingly more ‘green’ than others?

here in the states, many of the ‘good ideas’ discussed here on YA are already being implemented in places like washington, oregon, minnesota… but you seldom see any mention of interest in many of the other parts of the nation.

what exactly is it about certain parts of the USA (or please feel free to use your country if you’re not an american) that make them more open than others to ‘green’ ideas like sustainability, permaculture, and ecologically sound planning? is it the people living there? the physical environment they’re in? the experience and proximity of native american populations who historically respect the earth? is it that the presence of a few enlightened individuals in a locality is enough to make that much of a difference?

and if i’m wrong, tell me why you think so! thanks in advance.
topgunstyle: i agree wholeheartedly. an enlightened populace is key.

The more Universities & even Community Colleges in a city makes for a more educated community. Cities that have mayors & other active leaders that are inspired to make a difference, to enhance their city, & to preserve the Land. Cities that have many health conscious outlets such as Organic Markets,Fresh Local Organic Farmers markets, green Leed Building Groups, Health Clubs, yoga & art studios. Bohemian & the creative class crave to enhance , and bring out the beautiful, so they stand for positive change. Cities and States that have renewable Energy Tax incentives, like a tax break if your home was set up with Solar Panels, or tax breaks on buyers who chose Hybric Cars. Cities that have excellent public transportation, or where you would not need a car always, You may see Sweet bike lanes that are safe and well designed. Cities that are pedestrian friendly & where you have community involvement, Greener cities is a great thing, more & more towns are realizing it’s a better quality of life to keep this earth magical for our kids -kids-kids, Cities where people are open minded & open to Change for the better. Cities that believe in being the change they wish to see in the ….Love All

PERMACULTURE & PEAK OIL: Beyond ‘Sustainability’

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