permaculture water

permaculture water
Land in Arizona? Permaculture? Groundwater?

I am looking for land for sale in Arizona and / or community to join any Permaculture. I also wonder how to obtain information on groundwater in Arizona: the best place to AZ live well water. Ultimately, I want my family out of the burbs and into more sustainable situation for the residents within a year or two. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Arizona State is not to live if you want a permaculture farm or garden. Water is far from rare there. Arizona exceded the number of humans that we can support with water, it has a lot there for many years. We currently own a permaculture farm in the high mountain deserts of Idaho. We are in the heart of the country potatoes. Our neighbor (about 1 / 2 mile away) had they are warm and dry last summer. Their well is 150 feet deep. That is a deep well. Our is 200 feet deep. We had more water. I know that living in a desert environment, farming and permaculture into one. It does not work well …. not the least. You need water falls from the sky on a consistent basis to make sure your diet on your permaculture farm / garden. Read Barbra Kingsolvers book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. She moved from A to Z, the UL, so it can continue such a lifestyle. We are moving our firm (over 100 head of cattle) near 900 miles. We are moving back to the Pacific Northwest. The grass is a waste in the high pastures in Washington right now. This is not much above my ankle here in Idaho, and with irreg. The garden has produced anything as of yet this year. My friends Washington were harvesting their gardens during the last 4-6 weeks. My advice is that you SERRIOUSLY consider a warmer climate more favorable to plant long growing seasons, and one where water falls from the sky. Do not rely on well water for watering food that you want to develop. The similar climates that are too hard. There are nearly 6.5 million people living in Arizona. There are only 1.5 million people living in Idaho. Water is at a premium in Idaho. I can not even immagine what the water issues have the potential to become, in Arizona. You're probably thinking about moving to become more self-sufficient because of the current economic situation, no? Arizona State is not to be in, if things worse. We raise 90% of our own food, including our meat animals. We can even develop / produce our own biodiesel. Our pantry has more years worth of food, most put up with my own work. Get a pen and paper and make two a list of pros and cons a stay in AZ. Put the water shortage in the top of the list as cons. Is something in the pro side really outweigh "the lack of water? "~ Garnet Permaculture Homesteading / Farming over 20 years

Permaculture Water Harvesting

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