self sustaining crops

self sustaining crops
Could the US sustain itself and be completely self-sufficient on the resources we have?

and maintain something close to our current standard of existence?

We could use nuclear and clean coal to generate energy, and natural gas and oil for transportation. Manage foerest products resposibly, plenty of crop land and livestock.. Why not?

Yes, and no.

Yes we could sustain ourselves and no we wouldn’t achieve our current standard of living.

The U.S. has a broad array of natural resources, ocean access, large navigable rivers, and a lot of arable land in multiple temperature zones. We have a large and very technically literate population. If the rest of the planet were no longer to trade with the U.S., we would do fine.

However we would not live at anything near today’s standard of living. We do business with the rest of the planet because doing so improves our standard of living. The Japanese make better cars, the French do better champagne, and the Arabs have the cheapest oil. But we produce the best movies, software, and airplanes in the world. Each country does what it does best relative to what others can. We all benefit.

Madagascar Biofuels Video

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