self sustaining farming

self sustaining farming

The word "Kelong" comes from the Malay language that describes the house of sticks. These houses are located in Asia mainly at sea and they are used as traps station to make fish. Kelong are used for aquaculture and they are usually accompanied by floating Farm (floating platform), it is the fish farm which are used in fish farming.

The Kelong is not self-sufficient, it has no guidelines on water or electrical lines under the Kelong. The Kelong runs on diesel generators and water on board in large jerry cans. Provision is also replenished weekly. Transport to the Kelong and fish is by boat although there Kelong some in Asia by the shore.

The fish farm would be saltwater fish back, such as grouper, snapper and sea low. The catch crab and lobster are also common in some fish farm. The farms are generally self-sufficient as food for fish used are supplied by Kelong catches.

The technology used to catch fish and shellfish are still very traditional, but effective. The Kelong used of current flow and sticks stuck upright on the seabed to guide school of fish in the Kelong where a net fisheries based mainly on the seabed waiting. The net is thrown by the machine to catch the fish trapped. Holes fishing nets are fine and small fish are caught. Other capture methods are fishing traps, designed to be hidden environment for the fish so easy entrance but difficult exit was designed.

Work kelongs involves routine work, where work ranges from 24 hours and daily routines must be split works in shifts. Workers were harvesting the fish, the nets clean, repair and maintain the Kelong and fish. Present modern world less people were ready for the lifestyle these workers have found aboard kelongs reveal themselves to be owners.

In Over the years, some kelongs into a tourist attraction in some countries where people can have a retreat of urban life but again kelongs that retain their function Industry seafood as it is an important source for fish.

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