self sustaining organic farming

self sustaining organic farming

Most of us with the realization that this tea is often grown on tea plantations in the developing world where cultures are sprayed with many chemicals and pesticides and the workers who pick the leaves are not only exposed to this danger but are often paid with a pittance of a wage too.
Organic and fair-trade tea, coffee and cocoa are growing in popularity that people are realizing the benefits of spending those cents more per box and return on investment in health and human terms.

Why buy organic tea, coffee or cocoa?

Consumers usually decide to buy because production is carried out using practices sustainable agriculture, in particular not allowing deforestation to occur within the agricultural planting techniques.

Some producers go in the direction Fairtrade, which gives the consumer further altruistic benefit in terms of ensuring that workers on tea plantations and coffee worked under improved terms and conditions, giving them a better quality of life and reducing exploitation. You can now buy tea Fairtrade Organic is not just a lot more organic tea. I buy Morrisons own brand organic fair trade tea bags as its cheaper than branded products such as teas Clipper.

What exactly is organic I hear you ask?

Tea or coffee is considered biological techniques where environmentally friendly are used in its production. An organic unit should essentially be self-sustaining one, the design of the farm at the time of the creation of new organic tea or coffee plantation is crucial for optimal use of resources within the plantation itself.

In order to establish organic tea fields or coffee plantations, it is necessary to build inherent levels of nutrients and neutralize chemical residues in soil culture of the past. This requires a transitional period – called the conversion period. On the basis of agro-ecological conditions, the period of May vary from 3 to 5 years. If planting is taken up before conversion period is completed, chemical residues may appear in the product. These processing techniques are sufficient to make it quite unusual for any pesticides to be present in the final product.

Pest and disease management

Insects and diseases in organic production systems based on the balance inherent nature. This includes using natural enemies of pests to keep their population under control.
There are many varieties tea organic herbal now also available. Some of them have the advantage of possessing medicinal properties. For example, aid to indigestion of mint tea and chamomile can relieve you and relax.

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Article Source: ArticlesBase.comWhat is Organic and Fairtrade Tea and Coffee?

Lowanna 100% RAW Organic farming

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