self sustaining organic gardening

self sustaining organic gardening

As more and more worries about how the health of the food they buy at the grocery store is that they turning to organic gardening to replace many foods that are subjected to synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. The whole idea behind a natural garden is to use only natural methods to grow fruit and vegetables. There is nothing magical about organic gardening, in fact it uses methods that have been put in place for thousands of years.

Here are six reasons why many people turn to organic gardening to supplement their family food needs.

1. You can use your own yard waste and kitchen to make compost. Well it may be easier to use chemical fertilizers compost restores the soil and its ability to grow fruits and vegetables naturally. Adding depleting chemical fertilizer after the soil at the point where it is sterile and the food you grow has little nutritional value. Composting also reduces the amount of waste that is landfilled.

2. Chemicals of any kind are not used in farming. Even if companies Chemical tell us that the chemicals in their products are safe when used according to directions of research has shown the number of these substances, which in fact are poisons, can be absorbed through the skin and cause adverse effects. It is important to remember that herbicides and pesticides are made to kill other living beings.

3. There is less damage to the environment. Chemicals are discharged in neighboring properties and waterways, pollution of the surrounding habitat.

4. There is less soil erosion, because the layer fertile topsoil is less likely to wash or blow away. According to the conservation service soil estimated 30 to 32 billion tons of soil is lost on farms the United States each year.

5. This is a significant cost saving practices of organic gardening. Once the ground is established by the application of compost, it becomes almost self-sufficient. It is not necessary to buy expensive fertilizers and pesticides. Indeed pest control many recipes can be made from everyday products found close to the kitchen cabinet.

6. Mulch is the organic gardener \ 's best friend. A thick layer of mulch suppresses weeds and keeps soil moist, reducing the amount of water needed to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

7. By helping to keep the environment and the safety of food supply gardening practices organics are an excellent way to ensure that future generations have a sustainable world to live in.

If gardening is something you \ 'Ve always wanted to try something or you're already passionate then passing organic can be a great way to help the health not only your own but the health of those around you.

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